The true Gallipoli Lone Pine - Australian Geographic.

The Lone Pine Battlefield is named for the solitary Pinus brutia tree which stood there at the start of the battle.

With so many Lone Pine trees planted as memorials, tracking descendants of the original is not simple. Even the famous pine tree now growing at the Lone Pine Cemetery at Gallipoli has been identified as a Stone Pine, i.e. Pinus pinea, which is not native to Gallipoli. It was planted in the 1920's and is an introduced species.

In the article shown below Australian Geographic examines the science behind the stories of the Gallipoli Lone Pine Tree.

Botanists and Forestry Scientists find that the trees at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance are the true descendants of the Lone Pine Ridge tree, Pinus brutia, native to the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Memorial trees in other Australian States, sometimes nominated as 'Lone Pine' trees, are most likely to be Pinus halipensis, originating from a log brought in to construct Turkish fortifications.